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“The Sports Medicine program is designed to offer a continuum of care that extends from
on the field injury evaluation, physicians visit to rehabilitation, and return to sports.”







  • Nationally Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC)
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Physical Therapists



Treatment often includes education, modalities for pain management or edema reduction, sport-specific therapeutic exercises and functional bracing or taping.



Georgia Rehab & Imaging of WSMC provides an out-reach program to local high schools which includes practice and game coverage, Saturday morning injury clinic, on the field injury evaluations, emergency preparedness, as well as, assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of athletic injuries and illnesses.


Georgia Rehab & Imaging also offers sports medicine coverage to East Coweta High School, Newnan High, and Northgate High.


Call Russell Foley for more information on Georgia Rehab & Imaging services to High School Sports




“The Back Nine Golf Program is committed to keeping golfers healthy, fit and free from injury.”



The Georgia Rehabilitation & Imaging of Warm Springs Medical Center Back Nine Golf Program blends fitness, conditioning and injury management with one goal in mind: To keep the golfer on the course. Our program is offered to golfers of all levels who have the desire to play better golf.


Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?


  • Do you find it difficult to get the club back in to the proper position?
  • Do you avoid playing golf on consecutive days because of an ache or pain?
  • Do you wear any protective device during play, such as an elbow, back or knee brace?
  • Have you decreased play or discontinued play due to discomfort during or after play?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Georgia Rehabilitation & Imaging of WSMC Back Nine Golf Program may be for you! A thorough golf-specific physical examination and video analysis identify swing fault tendencies or other factors that may be responsible for injury or various aches and pains. Play golf with the maximum efficiency! Call 770-254-7850 and ask for Derrick Nelson, PTA. He will discuss the many package options for starting you in the Back Nine Program.

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