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“Occupational Therapy is the skilled treatment of physical, cognitive and developmental impairments. Occupational Therapists can help individuals return to the activities of their everyday life and enable them to do things that will enhance their ability to function within their environment.”




Georgia Rehabilitation & Imaging of Warm Springs Medical Center's Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants are trained health care professionals who commonly treat Hand and Upper Extremity injuries. Hand and upper extremity injuries can occur in just a moment or decreasing hand and upper extremity function can develop over time. Either way, the effect can interfere in daily living activities while the social, financial and emotional impact could last a lifetime.





  • The therapist was “Fantastic, knows what she is doing and communicates well”.
    Georiga Rehab's Occupational Therapists hold Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees
  • Georgia Rehab's Occupational Therapists have completed a clinical internship
  • Georgia Rehab's OT Assistants hold Associate’s Degrees
  • Georgia Rehab's OT Assistants have completed a clinical internship.
  • All Georgia Rehab's Occupational staff holds a National Occupational Therapy Certification
  • All Georgia Rehab's Occupational staff are licensed to practice in the state of Georgia


occupational therapy

occupational therapy splint occupational therapy splint

Georgia Rehab's Occupational Therapists work closely with your physician and are capable of evaluating any problem that is related to the upper extremities. Your Georgia Rehab Therapist may provide you with techniques to improve range of motion, sensation and/or strength. Your Georgia Rehab Therapist may fabricate a splint to position, protect and/or increase function. With the care and guidance of a Georgia Rehab Occupational Therapist, the patient eases through the rehabilitation process prepared to meet the challenges of his/her life.

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