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"One in five American workers is at risk for developing
injuries associated with cumulative trauma"

(National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)

      • On-Site Ergonomic and Safety Training
      • Ergonomic Job Analysis
      • Post-Offer Employment Screening / Fit for Duty Testing
      • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
      • Work Conditioning


Georgia Rehabilitation & Imaging of Warm Springs Medical Center will supply training for the general industry, office settings, construction sites, or even within our clinic. Topics include:

  • Lifting Techniques
  • Proper Workstation Design
  • Back School
  • Pre-shift Exercise/ Stretching Programs


A job analysis consists of a Georgia Rehabilitation & Imaging of WSMC representative coming on-site and directly measuring the job’s characteristics including:

  • Loads lifted
  • Push/ pull forces
  • Specific heights, distances, weights
  • Repetition and frequency
  • Use of specific tools

This data is used to create a report outlining the essential and non-essential tasks of the job. This is beneficial for ADA/ EEOC, worker’s compensation, OSHA, and other safety issues. It also serves to uncover ergonomic hazards and provide opportunities for creative engineering solutions.


Detects employees who have pre-existing conditions and/ or are unable to perform relevant job specific activities.

"I am astonished at the success we have had with WorkSTEPS.  We have experienced a 30% reduction in the frequency of our workers' compensation claims."

A post-offer screen involves:
  • Applicant’s history,
  • Assessing cardiovascular fitness and musculoskeletal abnormalities,
  • Evaluating body mechanics, strength, flexibility and endurance specific to the essential functions of their job.

With post-offer screening it is possible to collect over 30 pieces of objective information related to the applicant’s status prior to employment. This will prove important in evaluating the ability of the individual to perform the demands of the job as well as establishing a baseline in case an injury occurs.


Involves the same components as Post-Offer Screening. An employer may test employees:

  • On a yearly basis to confirm the individual is still capable of fulfilling their job duties in a safe capacity, or
  • In the case of an injured employee (work related or not) specifically answer the question, “Can the employee return to their job or not?”

When an injury occurs to an employee, work related or not, return to work status is vitally important. “Fit for Duty” testing provides resolution to this problem.


The FCE is a series of diagnostic tests designed to determine:

2) define the patient’s ability to perform lifting, repetitive activities, fine manipulation, job duties, etc.

“Dedicated, hard-working therapists!”

1) the amount of effort supplied by the patient, and

The results provide support to propel the case forward (return to work, therapy, work conditioning, surgery, release from care), instead of allowing the case to linger endlessly.

FCE Core Components

  • Carpal Tunnel Testing
  • Maximum Effort Lifting
  • Non-Material Handling Activities
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Pain Profile
  • PERCEIVED Exertion Testing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Level
  • Reliability of Client Report
  • Symptom Magnification Testing
  • Validation Parameters
  • Endurance Projections
  • Job Specific Testing
  • Job Status Report
  • Static Testing

Our Work Conditioning program provides the best opportunity for an injured employee to return to full duty because it incorporates a person’s job into their therapy. The weights, repetitions, heights, etc of the job are simulated in the program. This provides the employee with specific training for strength, endurance, range of motion and other job related aspects.

Please contact us directly at 770-254-7840 for any questions regarding these programs.

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