Thursday, 29 September 2016
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“Georgia Rehab Is Great!”

“I came in with tremendous pain…now I am feeling great!”

“These therapists are the best in the world to put me back together again!”

“I thought I would have to go into Atlanta to get great therapy…who knew we had such great therapists right here in Newnan!”

“My physical therapist, occupational therapist, and massage therapist have been such a blessing to me!”

“They are all about the patient!”

So, if and when, and I pray you don’t need it, stop by and see ‘What we have – right here in our backyard!"

“Brilliant therapists!”

“Dedicated, hard-working therapists!”

“These therapists are the BEST!”

“I appreciate the therapists, they are always going out of their way.”

Georgia Rehab people “always check to make sure I am okay, happy and in good spirits”.

The therapist was “Fantastic, knows what she is doing and communicates well”.

Georgia Rehab’s employees are team players and they are “always doing what is best for the patient”!

“The front desk staff are always nice, friendly, and helpful!”

“Thank you for being so pleasant and efficient with me.”

The therapist “takes a lot of extra time to make sure her job is well done. She always found better ways to make me feel better”.

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